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Have you ever wondered why you continue repeating the same patterns that lead to unfavorable outcomes? You wonder why you keep finding yourself attracting the same situations in your life. You’re left with intrusive negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself -- yet you don’t even know where they come from. In short, this happens due to childhood wounds


$88.00 USD

Learn the top strategies to heal familial relationships (blood related or not) so you can experience more peace and calm in your life. The purpose of this masterclass is to help you feel more confident in your close relationships and offer you guidance if you have a desire for your family members to heal.


$55.00 USD

This is a where I teach you how to break the cycles of unhealthy beliefs, patterns, habits, and behaviours that have been passed down in your family for generations. Learn how you can stop these patterns so your (future) children don't have to.

how to stop generational patterns

$55.00 USD

personal development

The Evolved Coach Accelerator (ECA) is the only life AND business coaching program that helps coaches in the online space create and scale their business to make a bigger impact with ease by showing you how to recognize your purpose while activating your voice, creating your vision, and increasing your abundance.

12-Week Life and Business Growth Program

$497.00 USD

Communicate With Confidence is designed to help you cultivate more compassion, love, kindness, respect, and understanding in your life. It will shift your perspective, improve your communication skills, and build your confidence.

Communicate with Confidence

$197.00 USD

Take charge of your life without delayed perfection What's included: 60-minute masterclass with Q+A and live coaching on Zoom on Monday, April 25th at 5:00 pm PST Workbook + Action steps Lifetime access to the replay.

Overcome Procrastination Masterclass

$55.00 USD

Unleash your creativity and build your personal brand through the magic of TikTok. If you want to learn how to grow on TikTok & create videos that make an impact... Then this masterclass is for you!

TikTok Secrets Masterclass with Evelyn

$55.00 USD


I felt transformation within myself and within my life in ONE HOUR of talking to Evelyn during our 1:1 session. She gave me step-by-step tips and actions of what I can do to improve my life on a day-to-day basis.

Tiffany A.

I've been in and out of therapy since I was a teenager and have not received the kind of healing I did with Evelyn in one session! She is simply amazing! What she is doing is so powerful and I believe in it so much I signed up for her Spark certification program so I can do this work with my clients.

Samantha S.

Evelyn truly helped me get to the root cause of a lot of my emotional wounds and feel safe to get there. After my breakthrough session, I was able to hit my highest paid months and be able to grow my business.

Kayla R.

Evelyn does an amazing job of being able to pinpoint and focus on things you need to work on and address in order to be your best self.


No! You have lifetime access to all these courses and masterclasses.

Do these courses expire?

These are “go at your own pace” courses and masterclasses, thus, you can allot as little or as much time as you desire for your development and growth. I recommend scheduling out 1 -2 hours every week to go through a module/masterclass and complete the action steps to help you integrate this work!


These courses and masterclasses range are split between 3 categories: healing, personal development, and professional development. Professional development programs are designed to support anyone who wants tools to advance their professional career or business/online influence.


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